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This is a fictional novel about a couple, who are both part of the 99%, and their humorous trials and tribulations as they try to make ends meet in beautiful Orange County, CA, against the backdrop of recession.

Who comprises the 99%?
We are the majority of Americans, who have to work for a living, sometimes struggling to just keep a roof over our heads.
If this is you, you can relate to this novel.
This book was inspired by President Obama recognizing the 99%. Here is a link to an article that references the origin of the term 99%: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2011/05/top-one-percent-201105

If you’ve ever had a micro-managing boss, you can relate to this novel.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, how did I get into this dead-end job, and how can I get out of it? you can relate to this novel.

If you’ve ever yearned to express yourself creatively and make a living doing so, thereby extricating yourself from the 9-5, paycheck-to-paycheck treadmill, you can relate to this novel.

If you turn to spirituality and yoga to cope, you can relate to this novel.

Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Expression takes a humorous look at the contrast between struggling to survive financially and expressing oneself creatively. This novel also delves into: politics; healthcare; work and micromanagement; spirituality; and yoga.

This fictional novel is based in Orange County and references several venues in OC including Dana Point, Laguna Beach, the Ramakrishna Monastery and the Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens, a National Historic Landmark.

This website is also a venue to share with other 99%-ers. I would love to hear what resonated with you from this book. And, please share your 99% stories as well, via this site or Facebook.

D. Helene


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