Networking with other provacateurs/independent thinkers

I am honored to be invited to join the network of the Mont Order from Harry J. Bentham, author and blogger. This network, that opines about the political and religious order, is published on,

Please check out this scintillating group of writers, who ask the tough questions that will make you think twice about the conventional world order and status quo.

As Harry so eloquently said in a recent post, “The best role of a blogger in all of this is to be controversial and challenge the mainstream media narratives. If we don’t do this, we might as well not put pen to paper at all. There are plenty of politicians to enforce the status quo, and so writing in devotion and support about them isn’t playing any role at all in journalism. We are part of a new medium on the Internet, and should use it to reform the way people think about politics rather than perpetuate old ignorance.”


D. Helene

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